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Svitlana Valko

Svitlana Valko

Programme Manager, Emergency Coordinator, Team Lead
Eastern Europe & South Caucasus

Svitlana Valko is responsible for project management, coordination of emergency measures, and general protection. She is a specialist in the documentation of war crimes, gross violations of human rights, and crimes against humanity. She is also a security trainer.

For 12 years Svitlana worked in the public health sector, specifically with vulnerable groups in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA). In 2014, she became Field Coordinator for IPHR’s mission in Ukraine, helping to organise the documentation of war crimes. She is one of the founders of the NGO Truth Hounds, a Ukrainian initiative that has since conducted thorough documentation work related to grave human rights abuses and international crimes committed in Ukraine’s Donbas region and Crimea. In 2016, Truth Hounds expanded its work outside of Ukraine, opening an office in Georgia. Svitlana is also a co-founder of the Tbilisi Shelter City programme, a relocation and rehabilitation project for at-risk human rights defenders (HRDs); Svitlana was coordinator of the programme for three years, helping HRDs, activists, and journalists cope with the risks and threats their work poses in EECA.

Svitlana is a security trainer and has a wealth of expertise related to emergency and crisis response initiatives.


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