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Brigitte Dufour

Brigitte Dufour


Brigitte Dufour is the Director of International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR). She oversees the management and operations of the organisation, represents the organisation in international fora, and takes the lead on fundraising and programme and partnership development. Based in Brussels, she is ideally placed to carry out advocacy before the EU institutions.

A human rights lawyer, Brigitte holds diplomas in Law and in Linguistics and Russian Studies from the University of Montréal (Canada). She is a member of the Québec Bar (Canada). She began her legal career in the field of intellectual property and soon moved to international human rights law, an interest she developed during study visits to countries of the former Soviet bloc. Through her work for the Vienna-based International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights – where she became the deputy director and legal counsel – she led several international human rights projects and carried out numerous missions in the field, closely observing human rights developments and working together with local human rights advocates on various key issues in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Brigitte possesses extensive experience in international advocacy, having represented human rights groups before UN bodies, the Council of Europe, European Union institutions, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. She has contributed to numerous human rights publications.


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